Rick Riordan Bibliography

On this page we’ve produced a complete bibliography of every book by Rick Riordan in alphabetical order.

We also have a separate list containing all of his books in order by publication date.

The title of each story takes you to a page where you can find the following information:

  • Which series it’s part of
  • The date it was released
  • A description of the story
  • An image of the book’s cover
  • A link to the novel on Amazon where you can purchase a copy or read reviews

Rick Riordan Bibliography

Big Red Tequila
Cold Springs
Demigods And Magicians
Demigods And Monsters
For Magnus Chase: Hotel Valhalla Guide To The Norse Worlds
From Percy Jackson: Camp Half-Blood Confidential
Leo Valdez And The Quest For Buford
Mission Road
My Demon Satyr Tea Party
My Personal Zombie Apocalypse
Percy Jackson And The Bronze Dragon
Percy Jackson And The Olympians Box Set
Percy Jackson And The Singer Of Apollo
Percy Jackson And The Staff Of Hermes
Percy Jackson And The Stolen Chariot
Percy Jackson And The Sword Of Hades
Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods
Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes
Rebel Island
Son Of Magic
The Battle Of The Labyrinth
The Black Book Of Buried Secrets
The Blood Of Olympus
The Burning Maze
The Complete Kane Chronicles
The Crown Of Ptolemy
The Dark Prophecy
The Demigod Diaries
The Demigod Files
The Demigods Of Olympus
The Devil Went Down To Austin
The Diary Of Luke Castellan
The Hammer Of Thor
The Heroes Of Olympus Box Set
The Hidden Oracle
The House Of Hades
The Kane Chronicles Survival Guide
The Last King Of Texas
The Last Olympian
The Library Of Deadly Weapons
The Lightning Thief
The Lightning Thief (Graphic Novel)
The Lost Hero
The Lost Hero (Graphic Novel)
The Mark Of Athena
The Maze Of Bones
The Percy Jackson Coloring Book
The Red Pyramid
The Red Pyramid (Graphic Novel)
The Sea Of Monsters
The Sea Of Monsters (Graphic Novel)
The Serpent’s Shadow
The Serpent’s Shadow (Graphic Novel)
The Ship Of The Dead
The Son Of Neptune
The Son Of Neptune (Graphic Novel)
The Son Of Sobek
The Staff Of Serapis
The Sword Of Summer
The Throne Of Fire
The Throne Of Fire (Graphic Novel)
The Titan’s Curse
The Titan’s Curse (Graphic Novel)
The Two-Headed Guidance Counselor
The Ultimate Guide
The Widower’s Two-Step
Vespers Rising