Rick Riordan – Cold Springs

Rick Riordan – Cold Springs is a standalone novel by the New York Times bestselling author.

This book had a publication date of April 29, 2003.

Cold Springs book description

Chadwick’s life was balanced on a knife’s edge – his career, his marriage, his relationship with his dangerously troubled daughter. And then one autumn night, the worst possible thing happened….

Now, a decade later, Chadwick’s heart is on the mend. Working for an old military buddy, he saves kids for a living, escorting troubled teens to a Texas wilderness school that specializes in the toughest brand of love.

Until he gets a phone call that threatens to shatter his new life.

Mallory Zedman is taking the same terrible path Chadwick’s own daughter once took. Defiant and out of control, Mallory is determined to destroy herself and anyone who tries to stop her.

No sooner does Chadwick snatch her off the streets than he discovers she is wanted for questioning in a brutal murder – a slaying that seems directly linked to Chadwick’s past.

To save Mallory, tough love will not be enough. Chadwick must find the truth behind the murder – and in doing so revisit the infidelities, shattered promises, and violent passions that cracked his world apart.

And he must jeopardize the one thing he still has left to lose – a slim hope of redemption.

Rick Riordan Cold Springs

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