Rick Riordan – The Last King Of Texas

The Last King Of Texas is the third book in Rick Riordan’s Tres Navarre series.

This novel had a publication date of January 4, 2000.

The Last King Of Texas book description

When a controversial English professor is found shot to death, Tres Navarre — P.I. and Ph.D. — is the only local academic crazy enough to accept the emergency opening at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Police assure him they already have a suspect, so while they wrap up the open-and-shut case, all Tres has to do is teach three classes, grade on a curve … and walk in a dead man’s shoes.

It should be an easy assignment — but one thing Tres doesn’t do is easy. When the evidence in the case starts looking a little too perfect, when the killing doesn’t stop, Tres takes on some extracurricular research into the heart of an assassin — and lands in a high-stakes game of gangster honor on the darkest streets of San Antonio’s West Side….

Rick Riordan The Last King Of Texas

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