The Heroes Of Olympus Series

October 12, 2010 saw the release of The Lost Hero, the first book in a new series by Rick Riordan called The Heroes Of Olympus.

The series carries on from where the Percy Jackson series left off and follows the adventures of seven demigods as they aim to stop Gaea, the earth goddess, from awakening.

Similar to the Percy Jackson books, there are five main novels as well as several short stories and other related books, so on this page we’ve produced two lists of books in The Heroes Of Olympus series.

The first contains all of the full-length novels, while the second contains all of the related stories. Both lists link to pages where you’ll find the following details:

  • Its publication date
  • A description of the novel / short story
  • An image of the front cover
  • A link to the book on Amazon so that you can read reviews by other readers or get a copy

We also have a separate list containing all of the books written by Rick Riordan in chronological order.

The Heroes Of Olympus Series In Order – Novels

  1. The Lost Hero
  2. The Son Of Nepture
  3. The Mark Of Athena
  4. The House Of Hades
  5. The Blood Of Olympus

Other Heroes Of Olympus Books

  1. The Demigod Diaries
  2. The Diary Of Luke Castellan
  3. Percy Jackson And The Staff Of Hermes
  4. Leo Valdez And The Quest For Buford
  5. Son Of Magic
  6. The Lost Hero (Graphic Novel)
  7. Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes
  8. The Son Of Neptune (Graphic Novel)

You can also get the five main series novels in this box set: